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Are we at the height of digital technology in the world? Well it doesn't matter. Mathematics has been around for years, starting in the 6th century BC. C. when Phythogoreons, the ancient Greeks, formulated a systematic study of mathematics as a subject in its own right.

Since then, many mathematicians around the world have played an important role in the development of mathematics as a comprehensive study that we read today as geometry, trigonometry, differential, topology, etc.

Fast forward to today and now we have the math solution apps to solve any math problem at the touch of a button.

Had we imagined coming? Now an app takes a picture of your homework and gets the answers without you even noticing.

This isn't a radical change in the education system, but the results can be dire if students stick to math problem solving apps and don't try to solve problems manually.

However, a math problem solving app not only scans and displays the best answer, but also solves a question with steps, so students can also learn how to solve problems. Without delay, let's get to the best apps for solving math problems.

What are Maths Solver apps for?

  • Scan and solve complex problems with steps.
  • It helps you get rid of a tough question by highlighting the mistakes.
  • Explore other math problems with a step-by-step solution.
  • It has a built-in smart calculator to help you perform advanced math calculations.
  • Choose from several methods to resolve issues.
  • Solve math problems in an instant.

The best apps that solve math problems through images

Para chickens


2Microsoft Mathematics



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7Camera Math Calculator

8Allmath multiplication table


Without a doubt, it is the best math problem solving app that you can use to improve your math skills. If you want to take a picture of your homework and get answers, Photoma is the solution.

Throw in any problem and he will solve it in a split second with a detailed explanation. In addition to all this, you will find a plethora of math books, from beginners to college graduates.

The text recognition is almost perfect as you can even type lossy characters and expect an accurate solution.

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This gives a small head start for students to review their math homework and drill down to step-by-step solutions. Photomath has a decent way of explaining calculation steps in animation, similar to what a tutor would do on a whiteboard.

Best of all, you'll be able to solve graphing equations and use graphs to interpret solutions to any equation.

Another fun feature it offers is the smart calculator that lets you edit digitized math problems and see the solution to any symbolic equation.

Who is Photomath for?

  • Teachers who want to expand their math teaching skills
  • Children who want to learn curriculum math with animations.
  • College students to increase math learning skills.
  • Parents who want to teach their children the basics of math like addition, subtraction, etc.

main features

  • Supports a wide range of syllabus questions.
  • Scan through a camera and solve a question step by step.
  • Keeper of popular accounting math books with solved solutions.
  • Bring math to life with detailed step animation.
  • Integrated and intuitive smart calculator.
  • Allows you to use graphs to interpret the system of equations and much more.

free | One time $39 or $5/monthlyiOS here -

Microsoft Math

This app is nothing more than your math companion, helping you to visualize and learn complicated math problems on the go.

The app has three ways to solve your problems: scan, draw and write. You must ask him a question that you want him to solve step by step.

The "Draw" feature is what makes it stand out from the crowd with its incredible accuracy in identifying sloppy characters that are difficult to read on paper.

8 Best Apps That Solve Math Problems (Android & iOS) - TheAppFlow (2)
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No matter where you come from, it supports multiple languages: Russian, Spanish, German or Hindi. The app has been downloaded over 100 million times and works on the web, iOS and Android.

Unlike Photomath, it doesn't include solutions solved in paperback books, but it probably supports all kinds of math problems like algebra, pre-algebra, trigonometry, calculus, with steps.

Apart from being the best way to explain math, you can also learn more things through video tutorials that explain everything about math. As it has tutorials to help you solve complex problems, it also has quizzes to keep you hooked.

Who is Microsoft Math Solver for?

  • Teachers to interpret graphs, equations and more.
  • Students preparing for exams.
  • Parents and children can make the most of it.
  • Anyone who specializes in math tests.

Main features:

  • SmartCalculator to handle various math problems.
  • It scans a question directly from a smartphone and shows you a step-by-step solution.
  • The "Draw" function allows you to write a question manually.
  • Users can check the history of their issues and also solve quizzes.
  • Video tutorials to help you.

Free | no ads|iOS here|Network


8 Best Apps That Solve Math Problems (Android & iOS) - TheAppFlow (3)

Brainly is another simple but effective app for solving math problems. If you've never heard of it before, you're missing out on its unconventional features.

At its best, Brainly has a huge community around the world that helps each other out.

In addition to mathematics, it offers a diverse curriculum that includes subjects such as science, geology and botany, to name a few. Ask a question by typing, scanning or saying it out loud; it makes it easier.

It's not just math focused so you're unlikely to get every kind of math solution, but the community is behind it.

Brainly has an advantage over other relevant apps because you can get a much clearer explanation of a problem by asking a question in the community.

On a lower note, only members with enough points can ask questions, so answering questions frequently will help you keep your points.

Once you get enough points, tap the "ASK QUESTION" button to ask your question manually using a smart calculator, files and the speech-to-text button.

When it comes to the best free math calculation apps, Brainly is the best choice.

Who is Brainly for?

  • Students of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects.
  • Children learn basic math expressions in stages.
  • Any competitive candidate.

Main features:

  • Hasan huge community of around 20 million people worldwide.
  • It allows you to ask a different kind of subjective question.
  • Answer a question, probably in two minutes (not for most problems).
  • Show other methods to solve problems. Thanks go to the community.
  • Smart calculator.

Free | No Ads | Requires points to ask questions|iOS


It's more of a smart calculator than a community app. He claims to have solved over five billion math problems and is still counting.

With MathWay, you can learn problem solving in graphing, chemistry, finite math, calculus, precalculus, algebra, prealgebra, statistics, and much more.

Under the hood, it uses the A.I. bot to help you find answers with steps. You can see examples of different math problems presented to you with detailed explanations using the smart calculator.

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This math word solver app allows you to take a picture of your math question and get answers instantly.

As a basic member, you have access to all of its content, except the ability to view steps only when you upgrade to a premium membership. The premium will cost approximately $1.55/month and $5/year.

Who is MathWay for?

  • Students who want to review homework with steps.
  • Anyone to calculate complex math questions.
  • Teachers who want to learn all kinds of curriculum issues.

Main features:

  • An artificial intelligence bot to help you with math problems.
  • Solve questions step by step at the touch of a button.
  • It has a large number of queries resolved.

free | $1.55/monthly or $5/yearly|Iphone

a relative

Cymath is another cool app that solves any math problem and provides step-by-step solutions. Just enter a question into the smart calculator and tap to get an answer. It works perfectly.

You can also use your camera to scan a question for an answer or create a problem manually using a calculator. In addition to the solver, it has a reference that covers just about everything from algebra: common logarithms to calculus: integration.

8 Best Apps That Solve Math Problems (Android & iOS) - TheAppFlow (4)

From time to time, you can check the history, explore the blog and practice many questions in your language. However, upgrading to a premium can dramatically improve your ability to learn and troubleshoot with detailed "by-the-step" steps.

Other than that, it removes ads, customizes your questions, unlocks reference material, and provides solid 24/7 support.

Who is Cymath for?

  • Beginners and elites who want a detailed explanation of solutions.
  • School or college applicants to practice curriculum questions.

Main features:

  • The app takes a picture of your homework and gets answers.
  • embedded calculator to solve different problems.
  • Reference for knowledge.
  • Users can practice questions.
  • Marker material.


In the blood

Do you want to know the answer to any math problem by scanning an image? The Qanda app has your back. Launched in 2016, the South Korea-based startup has amassed over 23 million downloads and counting.

Also, it has solved over a billion problems so far, making it one of the best apps for solving math problems. With the help of AI, the Qanda app quickly solves math problems just by scanning an image of the question.

8 Best Apps That Solve Math Problems (Android & iOS) - TheAppFlow (5)

It has a community of millions of people around the world who help each other by sharing and solving tricky math problems. If you want to pass college exams or solve school level math problems then this app is the best option to choose.

Also, if you are stuck with algebra, calculus or trigonometry questions, you can play around with your smart calculator. When you ask a question with Qanda, you get all the web search features like videos and step by step solutions to that question.

The app is available in multiple languages ​​including English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and a few more.

For whom?

  • College students who enjoy solving wonky math questions.
  • Students who want to be good at solving algebra, calculus, and other equations.
  • Elementary children.

camera math calculator

This app solves math questions from basic to advanced graphing equations. As the name suggests, it is the task solver that scans and solves any math problem by taking a picture. It has a simple user interface that is uncluttered with tools.


8 Best Apps That Solve Math Problems (Android & iOS) - TheAppFlow (6)

With the scientific calculator, you can find a step-by-step solution for math expressions like decimals, algebra, trigonometry, integrals, logarithms, square roots, and more. If you're already good at using a smart calculator, this app is no surprise and can simplify the way you solve math equations.

The photo resolution part of the app is what sets it apart from the rest. Plus, the scientific calculator seems to have everything a college student needs to solve tricky questions. Long story short, this app solves any math problem you throw at it.

For whom?

  • Students who want to solve equations and inequalities.
  • Who wants help solving functions, polars, parameter graphs, interactions, roots, and critical points?

Allmath multiplication table

Allmath is a multiplication tables app widely used by students to learn multiplication tables effortlessly.

It makes it easy for users to learn different multiplication tables with the help of a multiplication table. This math app provides essential repetition for kids to strengthen their knowledge of multiplication tables.

8 Best Apps That Solve Math Problems (Android & iOS) - TheAppFlow (7)

Although it has an outdated design that may not appeal to many users, it is very effective for memorizing times and that's it. However, if you're looking for high school math, this app is certainly not a good choice.

Under the hood, the application opens to a page containing the multiplication table for the top 12 table.

The graph has been organized in such a way that when a user clicks on a specific number, it quickly generates the corresponding multiples of that number.

To use this amazing app, just enter the numerical digit in the input box or click on any number on the screen to get its factors.

For example, if you click on the number '25', the fifth column and fifth row will be highlighted.

The apps will generate your exact multiple factors in a snap. You might find it difficult to use the first time, but as you stick around and look at each of its features, you'll get the hang of it.

Who is the multiplication table app for?

  • Children learn the multiplication table without any problems.
  • Students who want to quickly solve math problems in their heads.
  • Children to build their confidence in understanding the concept of multiplying different numbers.

main features

  • Generate tables of up to 10,000 in seconds.
  • It gives the option to copy the table in real time with a single click.
  • Provides a function to find the factor of a number less than or equal to 144.
  • Available on Android and iOS platforms.

Free | No Ads |iOS here


We have compiled a list of apps to help you solve any math problem. For the best experience with these apps, consider trying out the free trials or premium subscriptions they offer.

All these apps have in common the best smart calculator, to solve all kinds of math problems like trigonometry, integrals, algebra, etc. Whether you are a college student, a teacher, a child or a parent, any math problem solving app can be a great help for your math problem solving skills.

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